Your business’s marketing should be divisive. Now I’m not saying you should offend everyone with off-color humor or politics. What I mean is this… Your messaging should be so on-point and focused at the people you actually want to do business with, that everyone else should immediately recognize they are not the right fit.

Very few businesses are successful by marketing themselves to everyone. The quicker someone can recognize that what you are offering is not for them, the less your time and marketing dollars will be wasted on them. On the opposite side of that, the quicker someone can identify that you are the perfect fit, your conversions will be higher and you will be able to command a higher dollar for your offering.

If you are a copreneur, I want to challenge you this week. Take a hard look at your website, your lead generator, your email campaigns, and your social media and ask yourself this question: What can I do to immediately engage my ideal customer and turn away everyone else? Then, make those changes and watch the results.

If you need some inspiration for this exercise, listen to the first 7 chapters of the Marketing Minute by going to And if you don’t have a website, or even know how to create an effective lead generator or email campaign, I want you to email me at so I can show you just how simple it is.

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