Person holding a solved rubik's cube with the words "figure it out".

I realize I left you on the hook a bit after the first chapter of the Marketing Minute where we talked about the first of the 7 Critical Elements of an Effective Story-Based Marketing Strategy – the Hero – also known as your customer.

I told you that in the following episode I would tell you what your role was. But the truth is, there is still yet another element that is more important than you are – I know, I’m sorry. Just set your ego aside for a minute and check it out.

The next most critical element… is the problem. Again, think back to the last (good) movie you watched. Immediately after meeting the hero, we find out they have a problem. There’s a bomb to diffuse, an evil villain to be defeated, or a girl to be won. You see, the problem is the hook. Nobody cares about the story, or what you have to share with them, until they realize there’s a problem. Something to be defeated or overcome. After all, without a problem to be solved, why are you even in business?

Now, there is so much more to unpack about the problem, but we’ve run out of time for this chapter. We will talk more in-depth about the problem in later chapters. I do, however, promise you that in the next chapter of the Marketing Minute I will in fact introduce you to your role in an effective story-based marketing strategy.

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