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Tom Wheelhouse of Mightify - Career Change, Transition, and Development for Law Enforcement and First Responders

Career Change, Transition, and Development for Law Enforcement and First Responders

What happens when a law enforcement or first responder career comes to an end, whether through retirement, resignation or injury? What are the options for a new career or business? And how about the emotional, psychological and family impact of leaving? These are some of the tough questions we tackle during this episode.

I’m talking with Tom Wheelhouse, a former member of the Metropolitan Police in London who now heads up Mightify as a specialist in career change. When it comes to transitioning from your work as a law enforcement or first responder professional, Tom and I both feel it’s critical to help you see that there are positive options. It’s also important to understand many of the real and perceived barriers can be broken down and there are a host of tool and resources available to help you thrive.

We also touch on what agencies and employers can do to better support, develop, and retain their officers and staff. And because Tom is in the UK, we note a few of the differences and similarities between the UK and the US. This is a great conversation, be sure and listen!

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How To Translate Your Law Enforcement Experience Into Business Skills

If you’re a cop, I guarantee you’ve caught yourself wondering what you might do after your law enforcement career is over. In fact, you’ve probably wondered how your experience can possibly be translated into anything that is not directly law enforcement-related. In this episode Amanda Lewis is going to share with us some practical examples of how you can translate those skills effectively into a resume or with practical application towards growing your own business. Amanda is an investigator at Facebook and an active participant in helping cops transition into corporate security. She has carved out a bit of a niche for herself and being a natural at translating your experience in law enforcement to a corporate record.

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Lauren Rich and transitioning out of law enforcement or military careers.

Reinventing Therapy [3]: What to Anticipate When Transitioning out of Law Enforcement

What do you do when you realize that veterans aren’t getting the care they deserve? Lauren Rich left the VA after 7 years of seeing bureaucratic red tape keep vets from getting the mental health treatment they deserved. What she created was a completely innovative method of addressing post-combat mental health. Lauren joins the podcast again to discuss and unpack some of the many challenges law enforcement professionals and combat vets face when transitioning out of their careers and into retirement or a new career. This is part three of a powerful three-part series.

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Transitioning from Military to Entrepreneurship and Leadership with Rob Campbell

From the Military to Entrepreneurship: Transitioning, Leadership, and More with Rob Campbell

Transitioning from the military to civilian life has many of the same challenges we see with police, but there also some distinct differences. Today, retired Army Colonel Rob Campbell joins host Adam Wills to discuss how his transition from a Commander of an infantry brigade has allowed him to launch his leadership training business, along with his VETtoCEO program. This free course helps veterans and Active, Guard, and Reserve military who are either exploring entrepreneurship as a career path choice or aggressively completing their business plan. This compelling discussion dives deep into leadership as an asset for public safety and military professionals, along with how and why entrepreneurship should be seriously considered when transitioning.

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Carlos Francisco talks about transitioning to Corporate Security

How to Transition and Get Into Corporate Security with Carlos Francisco

Have you been thinking about transitioning into corporate security? Today’s guest, Carlos Francisco, has guided corporate security teams for some of the biggest brands out there, from Disney to Amazon to Facebook. Adam and Carlos break down what it takes to transition into corporate security; the mindset, how to interview well, the cultural differences, and more. Carlos understands what is impactful and has spent years helping people transition from law enforcement, military, and federal jobs into the corporate security world.