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Lauren Rich with Vet and LEO mental health solutions

Reinventing Therapy [1]: Why Current Methods Don’t Work for Vets and Public Safety Professionals

What do you do when you realize that veterans aren’t getting the care they deserve? Lauren Rich left the VA after 7 years of seeing bureaucratic red tape keep vets from getting the mental health treatment they deserved. What she created was a completely innovative method of addressing post-combat mental health. Lauren joins the podcast to help guide us through the process of recognizing when we need help and how to resolve trauma. And on this episode we start to unpack what this means, what it all looks like, and how to get started. This is part one of a powerful three-part series.

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Transitioning from Military to Entrepreneurship and Leadership with Rob Campbell

From the Military to Entrepreneurship: Transitioning, Leadership, and More with Rob Campbell

Transitioning from the military to civilian life has many of the same challenges we see with police, but there also some distinct differences. Today, retired Army Colonel Rob Campbell joins host Adam Wills to discuss how his transition from a Commander of an infantry brigade has allowed him to launch his leadership training business, along with his VETtoCEO program. This free course helps veterans and Active, Guard, and Reserve military who are either exploring entrepreneurship as a career path choice or aggressively completing their business plan. This compelling discussion dives deep into leadership as an asset for public safety and military professionals, along with how and why entrepreneurship should be seriously considered when transitioning.