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Alex Taits of FusionFlight - jet powered drones

Are Jet-Powered Drones the Future of Public Safety?

Drones and drone technology are becoming a powerful tool within law enforcement and public safety. But what about jet powered drones? Today my guest is going to share with you his new and unique drone technology. Alex Taits is the founder of FusionFlight and the inventor of a jet-powered drone that can fly at speeds up to 250 miles per hour with a 60-mile range. Alex is going to tell us how he came up with the idea and what applications he sees for the public safety market. Listen in to this fascinating conversation.

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DRONERESPONDERS: the world’s fastest growing non-profit program supporting Public Safety UAS and Drones For Good™

Throughout the U.S. and around the world you see them launching unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the sky during various types of emergencies and incidents. These are the DRONERESPONDERS, and their ranks are growing every day as more organizations continue to embrace UAS for public safety missions.

DRONERESPONDERS is a non-profit program created to unite these new aerial first responders, emergency managers, and search and rescue specialists under a unified organization to help learn, train, and test with one another with the ultimate objective of maximizing drone operations for public safety. There is no cost to join, and as a member, you will have access to DRONERESPONDERS research and information to help make your unmanned aviation operation more successful.

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Linda Ziemba of AeroDefense

Scalable Counter-Drone Detection for Law Enforcement and Private Security

AeroDefense offers solutions to detect drones and pilots at correctional facilities, stadiums, critical infrastructure, and other high value targets. AeroDefense’s drone detection system, AirWarden™, detects and locates both drone and pilot simultaneously providing actionable intelligence for security teams to respond effectively (and safely) to drone threats. It clicked for Founding CEO Linda Ziemba in 2015 after a drone crashed the US Open Tennis Tournament, she knew then this was a threat that would escalate and she was compelled to find a solution. Listen to this episode to hear the evolution of this truly innovative product and service.

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The Only Tactical Drone Purpose-Built for SWAT Teams

At the age of 13, Blake Resnick completed his first major engineering project in his garage – a fusion reactor. After internships and jobs at McLaren Automotive, Tesla, and DJI, Blake has engineered the world’s first drone – the Lemur – that is purpose-built for tactical operations to penetrate and search a structure for barricaded subjects.

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Real-time Monitoring of 911 calls for First Responders

Have you ever responded to an in-progress incident only to find out afterwards that you might have been missing some context that you would’ve had if you could have eavesdropped on the initiating 911 call? In this episode, Fritz Reber will share with us how his groundbreaking new technology – Live 911 – is prepared to increase situational awareness and reduce officer response times.

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Drones as First Responders with Fritz Reber

Ever wished you could have a live feed of a scene before you arrived? Fritz Reber, co-founder of the Drones as First Responders program at the Chula Vista Police Department and now Head of Public Safety Integration at Skydio, details exactly how drone technology is being used to do just that and more as Skydio advances the future of public safety through the integration of artificial intelligence.

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The Future of Drone Technology and 3D Virtual Mapping with Angad Singh of Pix4D

Have you ever wished you could return to a crime scene in 3D virtual space to re-evaluate evidence or re-take measurements? Advances in drone technology coupled with the Pix4D Mapper software can allow you to do just that. Adoption and adaptation of quad-copter “drone” technology into your day-to-day law enforcement operations can give you the edge at creating greater efficiency in operations and increase officer safety. Learn more about the evolution of drone use in law enforcement, what is possible, and what the future may look like in this episode of the Public Safety Innovators Podcast.

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Starting a Drone Program with Anthony DeMolina of Tactical Drone Concepts

Navigating all the nuances of starting your own drone program can be challenging. In this episode, Anthony DeMolina of Tactical Drone Concepts will share some considerations to keep in mind when starting your drone program. We’ll also discuss training courses and consulting services offered by Tactical Drone Concepts to help you get your drone program started on the right foot without all the headaches, surprises, and unforeseen mishaps.