Are you one of those copreneuers that’s burning the candle from both ends just trying to keep up with your calendar? I know I am. In this chapter of the Marketing Minute, we’re going to talk about the dreaded, yet so important, skill of time management and the 3 things that help me take control of my calendar:

  1. Time Blocking: Time Blocking simply means that you break your day into chunks of time that are dedicated to the specific tasks you have set out to accomplish. (Haven’t figured out your task list yet? Go back and check out Chapter 8 of the Marketing Minute). You might work on your marketing collateral from 9 to 11, your social media from 11 to 12 and responding to emails from 1 to 2 for example. Regardless of whether you finish or not, you will move on to the next task at the assigned time.
  1. Task Batching: When Task Batching you will group similar, and usually smaller, taks together at a set time with the intention of completing it in its entirety regardless of how long it takes you. For example, scheduling two 20-minute blocks to process email during the day is far more effective than checking your email every 15 minutes.
  1. Day Theming: Day Theming is a much more extreme version of Task Batching and is effective when you have several distinct areas of responsibility competing for your attention. If you’re a copreneur who is still balancing a full-time job, this is a method that may be most effective for you. When Day Theming you will block off an entire day for a specific area of responsibility. If your days off are Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Thursday you might focus on marketing, Friday on sales, and Saturday on refining your product (whatever that may be).

While bouncing around between dozens of tasks all at once may keep things exciting, it’s not an effective way to manage your time let alone run a business. Master all 3 of these skills and your calendar won’t feel so overwhelming.

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