If you have a service-based business – one that trades your time as a commodity rather than a physical product – I can guarantee you one thing: you are undervaluing your time. If I could tally up the amount of time I’ve spent doing things for free, I’d probably choke. 

In order to stop working for free and start marking more money, you first need to check your mindset. Do you think you’re worth it? Do you feel guilty about asking for money? Let’s get one thing straight: charging people for your time, skills and expertise isn’t just something you should be doing because I said so; but it’s something that people expect.

There are only 4 times you should agree to work for free:

  1. You’ll gain legitimate exposure
  2. You’ll gain real-life experience
  3. You’ll gain an impressive addition to your resume
  4. It’s a cause you believe in

Whatever the reason, if you're ever going to make decent money and work healthier hours, then you have to stop worrying about the implications of saying no or asking for more cash. You are worth it.

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