Avoiding Catastrophe and Finding Success in Your Post-LEO Business with Mark Warren

Business ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes things go wrong, terribly wrong – and the way you choose to respond to those challenges as a COPreneur sets the path for your success or demise. In this episode, Mark Warren of Strategos International shares with us some significant challenges that he and his business partner faced in the earlier days of their post-LEO company and how they navigated them successfully. This episode may help keep you from making some of the same mistakes.We also share some valuable resources you can tap into today to start preparing for or dialing in your post-LEO business. Mark’s willingness to share his stories of struggle and perseverance shows that cops definitely have the resiliency and know-how to succeed in business.Get all the links, resources and show notes at https://leo2ceo.com/copreneur-path/053

Secrets to Growing Your Authority and Building Your Business Using LinkedIn with Joshua B. Lee

The most frequent question that comes up from podcast listeners and members of the LEO2CEO Community is, “How do I use LinkedIn effectively to grow my business?” Today, the “Dopamine Dealer” of LinkedIn himself, Joshua B. Lee of Standout Authority, is going to school us on how to make LinkedIn your go-to for customer nurture, leads, and market domination. This episode is more like a mini-course than it is a podcast episode. We cover so many golden nuggets that you may just hear more from Joshua in the future.Listen to the entire episode to get some of the best advice I’ve heard about how to leverage LinkedIn to grow your authority, your network, and your business. And be sure to check out Joshua’s killer course on LinkedIn, The LinkedIn Authority Accelerator Masterclass. The insight from Joshua will absolutely help you, be sure to check it out.Get all the links, resources and show notes at https://leo2ceo.com/copreneur-path/052

Three Key Concepts To Consider When Launching A Post-Law Enforcement Business with Scott Savage

Scott Savage from Savage Training Group joins me on this episode to talk Copreneur. We go over his top three things to consider when planning and launching a business. There’s probably a million points and things to think about, but these three are critical to your success. First, identify and be super clear about the problem you are solving. Next, become an expert or hire an expert to do the tasks a business requires. And finally, don’t do the “fun stuff” first. Logos and those sorts of things can wait until after you’ve proven your business is viable.Listen to the entire episode to get some excellent insight from Scott on what you should be focusing on to get your business off the ground, it’s a great conversation full of killer tips!Get all the links, resources and show notes at https://leo2ceo.com/copreneur-path/051

Coffee Talk – Starting a Business with Dan Spencer of Filthy Pirate Coffee

How many cops have had a terrible cup of coffee? I know I had more than my fair share. Today I’m chatting with Dan Spencer of Filthy Pirate Coffee. Dan is a four-year Marine veteran and a 20-year law enforcement veteran of the Tucson, Arizona Police Department.Dan not only started his coffee company to provide cops and first responders with a darn good cup of coffee (finally!) he gives generously back to the public safety community in a variety of ways. Listen to this episode where Dan and I talk about some of our favorite things: coffee, cops, and business. We swap a few stories and Dan shares some of his challenges and the hurdles he has overcome to build his successful post-law enforcement business.Get all links, resources and show notes at https://leo2ceo.com/copreneur-path/050

My Five Biggest Regrets As A COPreneur

We’re making a bit of a shift and with season 2 of the podcast, the new COPreneur Path Podcast! This slightly different platform is actually in response to you, the listeners. I put out a survey a while back on LinkedIn and I surveyed some of you that I have direct contact with, and the response was a resounding, “Yes! We want a podcast that is focused specifically on the idea of copreneurship and the path from going from cop to copreneur, and becoming a successful post-LEO entrepreneur.”So, what I want to do today to usher in this slightly new, slightly changed, or I should say more focused podcast is to talk to you about my five biggest regrets as a copreneur. Now I feel like the term regret is sort of a stronger word than I’d like to use here, because do I actually regret anything? No, I don’t. I don’t regret a single thing about my journey thus far. Everything that I have been through in both a positive and a negative has been ultimately for the positive. I don’t regret a single thing, but are there things that I would like to go back and change or things that I wish that I knew before what I know now. And that’s what this podcast has always been about. It’s all about sharing with you my own journey and what I’ve learned along the way to help you be successful entrepreneurs. I’m hoping that by discussing these five biggest regrets of mine with you, that they too will be helpful. And they’ll usher in this new chapter, this new season, this new era in the podcast that is now the COPreneur Path Podcast! Get all links, resources and show notes at https://leo2ceo.com

Career Change, Transition, and Development for Law Enforcement and First Responders

What happens when a law enforcement or first responder career comes to an end, whether through retirement, resignation or injury? What are the options for a new career or business? And how about the emotional, psychological and family impact of leaving? These are some of the tough questions we tackle during this episode.

I’m talking with Tom Wheelhouse, a former member of the Metropolitan Police in London who now heads up Mightify as a specialist in career change. When it comes to transitioning from your work as a law enforcement or first responder professional, Tom and I both feel it’s critical to help you see that there are positive options. It’s also important to understand many of the real and perceived barriers can be broken down and there are a host of tool and resources available to help you thrive.

We also touch on what agencies and employers can do to better support, develop, and retain their officers and staff. And because Tom is in the UK, we note a few of the differences and similarities between the UK and the US. This is a great conversation, be sure and listen!

How Video Can Help Your Business Make More Meaningful Connections with Customers

Video marketing can be an effective strategy for your business. But many brands and businesses either can’t quite get it right, or get stuck and don’t employ it at all. On this episode I’m chatting with video producer and fellow StoryBrand Guide John Wojtasek, and he’s here to talk with us about the power of video in your businesses marketing, and why you should be leveraging video.

Listen in, and you can walk away today with some tips on how to get started if you aren’t already leveraging video. I get it if you haven’t tapped into video yet, because it can be an overwhelming thing. John’s also going to give us some tips on video best practices, what types of video to create, and where to share them for maximum benefit.

10 Things On Your Website That Are Killing Your Conversions

Your website is arguably the most important element of a successful post-law enforcement business. But if it’s not dialed in correctly, your website can be a greater source of frustration than it is of quality leads.

So many business owner’s make the same mistakes on their website that only serve to kill conversions. In this solo episode I’m going to lay out for you the ten things I see regularly that are more likely to leave you feeling like your website is a waste of time and money than it is a valuable asset for your business.

Fix these things, and I’m confident you’ll see an increase of dollars in your bank account.

How To Translate Your Law Enforcement Experience Into Business Skills

If you’re a cop, I guarantee you’ve caught yourself wondering what you might do after your law enforcement career is over. In fact, you’ve probably wondered how your experience can possibly be translated into anything that is not directly law enforcement-related. In this episode Amanda Lewis is going to share with us some practical examples of how you can translate those skills effectively into a resume or with practical application towards growing your own business. Amanda is an investigator at Facebook and an active participant in helping cops transition into corporate security. She has carved out a bit of a niche for herself and being a natural at translating your experience in law enforcement to a corporate record.

Skill Stacking for Business and Professional Growth

Do you feel like your business or career have become stagnant? Is your income failing to progress as rapidly as you’d like it to? Today on the Public Safety Innovators Podcast I am going to share with you why I think the concept of skill stacking is the trick to get yourself unstuck. The two habits I believe you need to build in order to get the most out of the skill stacking are first, set aside uninterrupted time every day, and then you need to possess discernment. Listen in to this episode as I get real about how you can use skill stacking to get what you want out of your life, your business, and your career. I also share what I think are the four phases to growing a multi-million dollar business.