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Drew Aversa

Drew Aversa is a business growth strategist, coach, author, corporate trainer, adjunct business school professor, and keynote speaker. His experience includes work in Fortune 500, small business, nonprofit, trade association, government, academic, and startup environments developing integrated strategies to drive brand awareness, revenue, innovation, and new business opportunities. Featured on recognized media, he's grown a personal brand that's amassed over 1M+ social media views.

Drew earned an Executive-MBA from Saint Mary's College and was inducted into the National Leadership Honor Society. Prior to his business career, he served the public for 10 years as a professional firefighter/paramedic and community college instructor. Connect with Drew on LinkedIn and follow him on your favorite social media channel for great tips to improve your life and business.

In this episode

[02:07] Welcome to episode 36!
[03:09] The difference in the entrepreneurship mindset between law enforcement and firefighters.
[10:54] A firefighters schedule can make it more conducive to having a side hustle.
[15:32] What sort of request system do you have to go through to have a side business?
[21:49] Business Brief: In Order to Scale, You Have to Do Things That Don't Scale
[24:50] The system of retirement can keep some locked in a job they don't enjoy.
[26:42] The human mind spends 60-80% of its time focused on negativity.
[28:08] We aren't taught how to build wealth.
[33:35] Drew shares his story of transition after an injury.
[40:44] Drew's top three things he has learned through his transition.
[44:34] How to connect with Drew.
[45:41] Adam's favorite donut and Drew's best firehouse recipe.

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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