Scott Savage from Savage Training Group joins me on this episode to talk Copreneur. We go over his top three things to consider when planning and launching a business. There's probably a million points and things to think about, but these three are critical to your success. First, identify and be super clear about the problem you are solving. Next, become an expert or hire an expert to do the tasks a business requires. And finally, don't do the “fun stuff” first. Logos and those sorts of things can wait until after you've proven your business is viable.

Listen to the entire episode to get some excellent insight from Scott on what you should be focusing on to get your business off the ground, it's a great conversation full of killer tips!

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Scott believes cops deserve the best training possible. He’s served as a law enforcement officer in California since 1999 and he knows firsthand, the challenges officers are facing. That is why he founded the Savage Training Group, a professional law enforcement training organization based out of San Jose, CA. The Savage Training Group is on a mission to raise the bar of law enforcement training.

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[00:50] Welcome to Episode 51!
[03:16] Scott's top three things to help you start your new business.
[04:01] Business success is not an accident, it's by design.
[04:50] Tip number one: Figure out what problem you are solving for potential customers.
[06:40] Underwater Knife Fighting class? Good idea?
[12:16] Tip number two: hire an expert or become and expert.
[19:41] Don't be afraid to ask for help from pros.
[24:30] Business Brief 18: Why Your Lead Generator Should Have Its Own Landing Page
[27:08] Tip number three: Don't do the fun stuff first.
[33:07] Bonus Success Tip: Read more than everyone else.
[34:05] A community of like-minded individuals is a huge help.
[35:21] A re-cap of Scott's three tips.
[40:23] What Scott and the Savage Training Group are up to these days!

Resources Discussed/Links – A resource for cops who want to start their own business. – FREE GUIDE: Discover ways to generate leads using things that you're already doing.

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