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Blake Resnick

Blake Resnick was the youngest intern ever at McLaren Automotive (where he deployed actual production parts on the 720s supercar), Tesla Motors (where he worked on battery technology and control algorithms) and DJI (where he worked directly under the global head of R&D on advanced research). He has built a nuclear fusion reactor, supersonic rocket and DHS sponsored drone swarm in his spare time. Blake dropped out of Northwestern University to found BRINC Drones which designs and manufactures novel drones to aid SWAT teams in barricade, hostage and active shooter situations.

In this episode

The Lemur
Penetration capabilities
Navigating interior structures
2-way communication capabilities
Payload options
Adoption of the Lemur
Replacing the police helicopter
Opportunities for integration
“There's just something cool about building your own nuclear reactor”
Experience at McLaren, Tesla, and DJI
A No-Degree entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship can be difficult

Resources discussed on the show

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  1. A great podcast Adam and Blake. What a great drone. I agree a drone could have either stopped, identify the shooter, or that attack could have ender much quicker. Excellent work.

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