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Robert Carlson of Brave Defender Training Group

Robert Carlson

Robert Carlson has been a law enforcement firearms instructor for over 7 years and involved in Active Shooter training for 15 years. He is currently a senior firearms instructor and the Active Shooter Program Coordinator/Lead Instructor for the Memphis Police Department in Tennessee. Robert has spent over 24 years in the U.S. Air Force, with 12 of those as a Ground Combat Instructor, and still serves in the Mississippi Air National Guard as a Special Warfare Tactical Air Control Party (TACP) Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC).

Robert is the President of Brave Defender Community Services, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, providing Active Shooter Research, Education, Preparation and Prevention training for organizations across the country. He owns the partner company Brave Defender Training Group, providing firearms and tactical training for law enforcement, military and security teams.

He has worked with multiple organizations providing Active Shooter training to thousands of law enforcement officers and military members across the United States. Robert is regarded as an expert in Reality Based Training as well as Active Threat preparation and prevention, providing training and consulting with several global organizations and has been a featured speaker at multiple international conferences.

In this episode

[01:21] Welcome to Episode 43!
[03:18] Robert describes their innovative and scientific approach to training.
[05:42] Luck factors into almost every situation but we cannot count on it!
[07:32] The bad guy gets his share of luck too…
[08:21] Robert gives some background into his patrol officer career.
[08:59] Law enforcement officers need to always be training and upping their skills because situations are not always predictable.
[12:50] It starts with a mindset shift which can be hard for cops who may do things a certain way because they have always done them that way.
[15:41] Being an instructor is a lot like being a salesman.
[18:25] Business Brief 13: How to Attain a Growth Mindset
[20:21] Robert tells the story of how his training business started and it is quite the journey!
[24:04] Some of the challenges Robert faced along the way to becoming a successful copreneur.
[29:21] Start by creating some type of backup plan ASAP.
[32:42] Robert wrote an interesting article about Winning which appeared in a recent edition of The ILEETA Journal (Link in notes).
[35:36] How to connect with Robert Carlson and Brave Defender Training!

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