Want a safer way to stop vehicle pursuits or prevent them altogether? The Grappler Police Bumper is a pursuit intervention device that is revolutionizing how law enforcement is able to safely capture a fleeing vehicle and protect the lives of innocent motorists.

Leonard Stock – the founder of the Grappler – shares with us his inspiring entrepreneurial story as a roofer and fan of police chase shows on T.V., who was disturbed by the number of innocent people hurt in vehicle pursuits and was motivated to do something about it.

Key Takeaways

The Grappler is the only pursuit intervention device of its kind – Traditional methods of ending pursuits are risky and often not as immediately effective as we’d like them to be. As such, many law enforcement agencies in our country have adopted “no pursuit” policies. Unfortunately, because bad guys learn and adapt to our tactics, this has just led to emboldened criminals refusing to stop for red and blues simply because they know we won’t make them. The Grappler is a complete game-changer. It allows the officer to immediately capture a fleeing vehicle – in many cases before it becomes dangerous.

Don’t sell yourself short – The Grappler was born from an idea that Leonard had while watching police chase shows on T.V. With no background in law enforcement himself, his idea was initially turned down over and over again by those he pitched it to. He could have easily let the idea die. Leonard was so convinced of his idea that he pursued it on his own anyway, despite the naysayers. Because of that, Leonard can now say that his invention has saved lives. If you have an innovative idea of your own, pursue it!

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