Have you ever wished you could return to a crime scene in 3D virtual space to re-evaluate evidence or re-take measurements? Advances in drone technology coupled with the Pix4D Mapper software can allow you to do just that.

Adoption and adaptation of quad-copter “drone” technology into your day-to-day law enforcement operations can give you the edge at creating greater efficiency in operations and increase officer safety.

Learn more about the evolution of drone use in law enforcement, what is possible, and what the future may look like in this episode of the Public Safety Innovators Podcast.

Key Takeaways:

A quadcopter is not a drone – The term “drone” invokes an assumption that the technology has been adopted from the military. Although the industry has tried to push towards the use of the term UAS (unmanned aircraft system), it has largely been accepted that the term drone has stuck and is here to stay.

A drone program can help your agency eliminate inefficiencies and increase officer safety – The uses for drones in law enforcement are many. One of the most common applications discussed on the show, mapping crime scenes and traffic accident scenes, can greatly reduce the amount of time on scene and greatly mitigate the risk to officers.

Resources discussed on the show:

About Angad Singh:

Angad is a Business Development Executive for Pix4D. His goal is to help the market understand how drones, photogrammetry, and remote sensing combine to produce powerful tools and provide real innovation to different markets. Responsible primarily for Public Safety, Angad has helped many agencies start drone programs for collision reconstruction and fire applications. He is an alumnus of McGill University, where he focused on drone based remote sensing.

Connect with Angad and Pix4D:

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