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[01:50] Welcome to Episode 38!
[03:12] What has changed in the world of Crypto Currency in the past several months.
[06:55] Is this the next evolution of white collar crime?
[07:39] You might have to re-think how financial investigations are going to occur.
[08:31] A breakdown of digital currency.
[12:00] Fintech is moving fast – do we need another agency to regulate things?
[16:41] Currencies backed by a central government, good or bad?
[23:11] Business Brief: Make a Decision and Move On It
[25:16] A criminal justice degree doesn't prepare you for a financial market business.
[27:46] Overcome fear, fail better, and seek out knowledge.
[33:25] Action is the antidote to fear.
[37:17] Fail three times?
[41:10] What is new with Blockchain Intelligence Group.
[43:29] How to connect with Robert

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