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Adam Wills

I help companies who are marketing products and services related to law enforcement or military, or are in the hunting & fishing, dignitary security, private security, and private investigations industries.

As a former 15-year law enforcement veteran, deputized US Marshal, law enforcement administrator, lover of hunting and fishing, and enthusiast of all things tactical, I know how to speak yours and your customer's language.

In this episode

[00:43] Welcome to episode 44!

[01:23] How do you make more money, grow your business, or advance your career? Skill stacking!

[03:54] Greater impact equals focus plus energy.

[04:49] Information is the single most valuable resource we can invest in.

[05:48] If you want to grow you need to invest in acquiring the skills you need.

[07:24] First habit to grow your skills – you need to have a chunk of uninterrupted time every day.

[09:47] The second habit for acquiring skills is to possess discernment.

[13:35] If you are stagnant in your life, business, or career you have not identified the next skill you need to learn and stack on top of you existing skills.

[17:45] Business Brief 14: Conquer Tomorrow Today

[19:53] You are 100% responsible for where you are within your life, business, and career.

[24:08] Don't spend your money on dumb stuff, spend it on information and skills.

[26:23] Putting all those skills together and building a foundation will propel you past your competition.

[30:12] Be discerning with your skills, be focused, and try not to do everything.

[31:40] You don't need to do more things to make more money, you need to do fewer things better.

[34:30] The four phases to growing a multi-million dollar business.

[38:49] What next? Identify the skills you need to build next and intentionally pursue them.

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