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Greg Kaminski

CEO & Co-Founder of CyberCuff Greg Kaminski has both public and private digital forensics experience, he currently works in the private sector handling digital forensics for civil litigation matters. Before transitioning to the private sector Greg worked as a police officer. He has attended hundreds of hours of digital forensics training and currently holds a MCFE certification. He obtained a B.S. in Criminal Justice and minored in International Studies and Psychology. Greg also earned a M.A in Criminal Justice from DeSales University with a concentration in Digital Forensics.

Greg’s experience in IoT devices began with his master’s thesis research which highlights the dangers that IoT devices could pose to law enforcement. He has continued researching in the field and is currently co-authoring an article on some of his findings.

In this episode

[01:44] Welcome to Episode 39!
[02:40] What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?
[04:51] A scenario which explains why we should be concerned.
[07:43] How this scenario has turned into the business of CyberCuff.
[09:23] Are we seeing this concern in a public safety setting now?
[11:20] 30 billion devices connected to the internet now, and growing rapidly!
[12:55] Adam tests the concept out – with surprising results.
[18:04] Greg explains what CyberCuff is doing now to help train officers in IoT.
[23:25] Business Brief 9: How to Determine if Your Website is Effective
[25:20] Greg's story and how he came to be an expert on IoT.
[28:28] The start of CyberCuff.
[29:34] Greg explains his experience with the LEO2CEO program and how it is helping his business grow.
[33:45] What does the future of the Internet of Things look like?
[37:49] How to connect with Greg and the CyberCuff training.

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