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00:01:55 – I took almost 2 weeks off!!
00:04:49 – 2020 was CRAZY
00:09:31 – Thank you for holding the line
00:11:01 – You need a plan for your transition out of law enforcement
00:15:11 – Why I left law enforcement
00:18:50 – My out strategy
00:21:00 – You have the power to create a sense of certainty and security
00:24:26 – Set realistic goals for yourself
00:26:44 – My desire to help you seek clarity about the future
00:30:10 – LE has given you an immense skillset
00:34:07 – Go right now to
00:39:30 – Marketing Minute Chapter 5 – The CTA
00:41:22 – My open request for feedback on the show
00:46:22 – What's coming up on the show
00:49:36 – Take my short survey at
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Key Takeaways

Expect the unexpected: If 2020 taught us anything, it's that our circumstances can change quickly. Overnight (or so it felt) we were all catapulted into a new world, with new rules, social expectations, and limitations to our comfort and freedoms. Treat your law enforcement career in the same way. We all like to be idealistic and picture ourselves eventually finding a cushy detective gig and retiring at the age of 60. Unfortunately, that is not the reality for a lot of cops – myself included – and you need to be prepared with an exit plan.

2020 changed law enforcement forever: The new cop on 2020 (or now 2021) knows a very different world of policing than what I knew when I started my career in 2004. I'm afraid that overall it's not for the better. The world that cops are policing now is filled with far greater unpredictability, public scrutiny, and political undertones than ever before.

A business plan is the best antidote: By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. You may never need a business plan to fall back on, but what if your circumstances change unexpectedly? Be prepared with a plan that you can put into action in order to take care of yourself and your family.

YOU have far more skillsets that are applicable to the private sector then you are giving yourself credit for: I've said this on the show several times; There is no other career that expects as broad an expertise on everything as law enforcement does. We often get our heads stuck thinking that the skills we've gained in law enforcement are only applicable to law enforcement, teaching/training, or private security.

You guys are helping to shape the future of the Public Safety Innovators Podcast: Thank you for you for following the show in 2020! There are more great things to come in 2021. Please share the show with your friends and coworkers, leave a review, and complete the podcast feedback survey to help shape the platform for the show.

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