The most frequent question that comes up from podcast listeners and members of the LEO2CEO Community is, “How do I use LinkedIn effectively to grow my business?” Today, the “Dopamine Dealer” of LinkedIn himself, Joshua B. Lee of Standout Authority, is going to school us on how to make LinkedIn your go-to for customer nurture, leads, and market domination. This episode is more like a mini-course than it is a podcast episode. We cover so many golden nuggets that you may just hear more from Joshua in the future.

Listen to the entire episode to get some of the best advice I've heard about how to leverage LinkedIn to grow your authority, your network, and your business. And be sure to check out Joshua's killer course on LinkedIn, The LinkedIn Authority Accelerator Masterclass. The insight from Joshua will absolutely help you, be sure to check it out.

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Joshua says:

“They call me “The Dopamine Dealer of LinkedIn” and I’m proud of that nickname.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve built 16 businesses, wrote a book called ‘Balance is Bullsh*t’ and created a beautiful marriage and blended family of two children, Jayden and Skylar.

Way back in 2003 I built my career in online marketing with clients like MySpace and Google with advertising spends of over a half of a dollars, which generated over 35 Trillion online impressions for these companies.

As I looked at the business landscape around me, especially the digital online world, including the multiple social platforms – I noticed that it seemed like the noise and automation had grown to a deafening level and people were so terribly disconnected from one another.

I realized that we’d started to forget that we’re all HUMANS interacting with each other from the other side of a screen. In business, in social media – everywhere we weren’t seeing real humans and instead just text, noise and frankly propaganda.

How could I create a business that helped people truly reconnect? To see through the digital landscape and make real lasting relationships for themselves in business and in life?

That’s why I founded Standout Authority in 2014, so I can work with entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals like you to help you humanize your brands. Overall the last few years, I’ve focused on LinkedIn to build authentic relationships and clients as I believe it’s the most powerful business platform out there.”

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  • [00:49] Welcome to Episode 51!
  • [02:18] It all starts with how people perceive you.
  • [03:05] There is value not only in what you are currently doing, but in what you have done.
  • [05:03] Killer profile optimization tips.
  • [08:22] How often should you post? No more than once a day and at least 3x each week.
  • [11:47] What do you post? The 10/20/70 rule of content.
  • [16:20] Business Brief 19: Build Your Business Like You Intend To Sell It
  • [18:05] Can you repurpose content for your posts? Yes!
  • [20:08] LinkedIn Newsletters: LinkedIn does the work for you.
  • [20:52] Still in a job and planning your business? Add value without talking specifically about your business.
  • [22:45] If people comment or engage with you show them some appreciation.
  • [26:03] More about Standout Authority and how they are helping their clients crush it on LinkedIn.
  • [29:26] Curious about Sales Navigator? It could be a powerful tool to help you grow.
  • [33:10] Just be human and make people love or hate you.
  • [33:32] How to connect with Joshua B. Lee!
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