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Linda Ziemba

Linda Ziemba is the founder and CEO of AeroDefense, which provides a Radio-Frequency based system capable of detecting, classifying, locating and tracking UAS/drones and their ground controllers (pilots). Ms. Ziemba’s Internet security experience, coupled with her communications engineering background, enabled her to imagine the concept, and build and lead a team that developed the only drone detection system to receive a Department of Homeland Security SAFETY Act designation. The system is deployed at MetLife Stadium and several correctional facilities across the United States.

In this episode

[02:31] The problem they solve at AeroDefense.
[05:54] Why do we need better solutions for counter drone detection?
[08:55] How the AeroDefense AirWarden System detects both the drone and the pilot.
[11:11] What the AirWarden System looks like for the user.
[16:07] How does the network of sensors (or net) work to locate the drone and the pilot?
[19:05] The AeroDefense System is the only counter drone technology able to detect all types of drones and controllers!
[20:45] Pending legislation that may affect drones and drone detection.
[23:10] Marketing Minute: Your Background is One of Your Most Valuable Assets
[25:06] More legal considerations.
[28:41] More detail on how the AirWarden System works.
[30:46] The future of drone technology and how AeroDefense fits into it.
[33:06] How much does the system cost? It depends…
[34:51] When did the idea for this technology come from? A tennis match?
[38:08] The only anti-drone technology that has the DHS Safety Act designation.
[39:07] How you can connect with Linda Ziemba and AeroDefense.

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