The use of digital currency in all levels of crime is becoming more and more common. Your agency needs to be equipped with the tools and training necessary to recognize, investigate, and proactively combat these types of cases. Understanding crypto-currency can seem overwhelming and mysterious, but in this episode, Robert Whitaker from Blockchain Intelligence Group is going to tell us how he and his team are helping to demystify these increasingly prevalent cases.

Key Takeaways:

  • Digital currency crimes are already happening in your area – It really doesn't matter if you are a large metropolitan agency, or in the most rural parts of the country. If you have crime, your criminals are already using digital currency as a means of further their enterprise.
  • You have likely already missed evidence – If your officers and investigators are not trained to identify pieces of evidence related to digital currency transactions, chances are you have already overlooked important pieces of evidence in your cases.
  • Consult an expert early on in order to avoid unintentional mishaps that can damage your case – Just like any complex case, it is easy to damage your case unintentionally if you don't have expert-level knowledge of the intricacies involved. Blockchain Intelligence Group can help arm you with the knowledge you need in order to prevent irreparable damage to your case.

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