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Lauren W. Rich

Lauren W. Rich

Lauren Rich is married to a combat vet and worked as a Combat Trauma/PTSD Psychotherapist with the VA for 7 years. If you're like most vets, you've made your rounds through several therapists. They've either dismissed the challenges you're facing altogether, or convinced you to cover up your trauma with pills. Nothing has worked…

While working as a Combat Trauma/PTSD Psychotherapist with the VA Lauren sadly observed first-hand that most vets were not receiving the help they actually needed. Frustrated with the bureaucracy, she started her own practice to help vets overcome combat trauma.

Lauren's not here to be your cheerleader – to pat you on the head and make you feel better about your day. She is going to be your battle buddy – someone who guides you through the process of resolving trauma.

Lauren helps male combat veterans kick trauma’s ass. She works with you to develop an OPORD for overcoming pain and recapturing the happiness of living. You can move past the bullsh*t that’s been keeping you from the things you want and need.

In this episode

[00:41] Welcome to Episode 27!
[2:23] Who Lauren helps – combat vets.
[3:53] Lauren's ultimate goal – no BS therapy to help combat vets get unf*cked.
[9:26] Quick timeout: Why this series on mental health?
[11;55] Challenges unique to combat veterans.
[16:25] The similarities and differences: law enforcement v. combat vets.
[18:34] What are combat vets experiencing when they get home?
[21:05] How do these challenges manifest themselves?
[22;49] When does Lauren start when she works with combat vets?
[27:11] Marketing Minute: Making Time for Work that Matters
[29:36] Lauren's story: How she got into therapy and working with combat vets.
[34:28] Lauren is married to a combat vet which helps create a unique connection.
[36:56] Service in the military or public safety is a privilege.
[40:05] When you allow your environment to make you a victim it's hard to get out of that.
[44:14] Why combat vets (and cops) can be angry at society and nobody gets it.
[50:15] Overcoming the challenges of perceptions around therapy: Vet TV.
[53:59] The FUBAR Assessment – how do you score?
[57:06] How to connect with Lauren and find resources in your local area.

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