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Rudy Hernandez - Trinity Executive Solutions

Rudy Hernandez

CEO & Founder of Trinity Executive Solutions Rudy Hernandez is a security professional with over fifteen years of extensive field experience and training in law enforcement operations, physical security, campus safety and threat assessment who is a determined, detail-oriented, efficient, and passionately driven individual.

In this episode

[01:30] Welcome to Episode 40!
[02:24] What Trinity Executive Solutions does and how they help their clients.
[07:23] Rudy tells his law enforcement career story.
[10:57] After an injury Rudy transitioned into the private sector and private security.
[13:28] The importance of creating a contingency and backup plan to prepare for transition.
[18:06] Have some sort of plan – even a simple one – so your transition has a focus and is easier.
[22:01] Business Brief 10: The Secret Formula for Greater Impact
[23:45] Rudy reflects on his decision to join LEO2CEO and the benefits it has provided.
[27:07] As someone with formal sales training Rudy has a unique spin on sales tips and advice.
[29:33] It is a process of nurturing a relationship.
[34:09] Rudy talks about writing a sales advice book for those in transition.
[39:02] You are not alone when it comes to transitioning and there is support.
[40:06] How to connect with Rudy.

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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