Fellow copreneur and member of the exclusive LEO2CEO community Rudy Hernandez joins me today. Rudy is the owner of Trinity Executive Solutions where he and his team offer bespoke private security solutions for companies. During our chat, Rudy will share how his background as a used car salesman has helped him develop his sales prowess as a business owner and how the LEO2CEO community has helped him grow as a copreneur.

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CEO & Founder of Trinity Executive Solutions Rudy Hernandez is a security professional with over fifteen years of extensive field experience and training in law enforcement operations, physical security, campus safety and threat assessment who is a determined, detail-oriented, efficient, and passionately driven individual.

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Highlights from the Conversation

  • [01:30] Welcome to Episode 40!
  • [02:24] What Trinity Executive Solutions does and how they help their clients.
  • [07:23] Rudy tells his law enforcement career story.
  • [10:57] After an injury Rudy transitioned into the private sector and private security.
  • [13:28] The importance of creating a contingency and backup plan to prepare for transition.
  • [18:06] Have some sort of plan – even a simple one –  so your transition has a focus and is easier.
  • [22:01] Business Brief 10: The Secret Formula for Greater Impact
  • [23:45] Rudy reflects on his decision to join LEO2CEO and the benefits it has provided.
  • [27:07] As someone with formal sales training Rudy has a unique spin on sales tips and advice.
  • [29:33] It is a process of nurturing a relationship.
  • [34:09] Rudy talks about writing a sales advice book for those in transition.
  • [39:02] You are not alone when it comes to transitioning and there is support.
  • [40:06] How to connect with Rudy.
Resources Discussed/Links

https://www.LEO2CEO.com – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.

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