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Ivo Allen

Ivo Allen has over 27 years of experience in government, county and municipality technology with a focus on communications and networking.

He founded Hunter Technologies in 2001 which has grown to become the premier government communications contractor in New Jersey for Avaya and Extreme. Hunter provides communication platforms and networking over 130 municipalities, counties and police organizations in New Jersey. Mr. Allen sits on the Board of Directors at iCERT (Industry Council for Emergency Response Technology).

In this episode

[01:37] Welcome to Episode 31!
[03:33] The overview of the problem 911inform is solving and how they do it.
[05:31] How 911inform can open doors remotely and dispatch can follow the team.
[07:24] 911inform integrates with existing hardware and infrastructure.
[09:18] How 911inform solves for Alyssa's Law.
[13:13] Is it software or hardware? How it creates bidirectional communication with PSAPS.
[16:34] Is 911inform available nationwide?
[20:04] The benefit for businesses, schools, campuses, etc.
[24:47] Business Brief 19: How Seinfeld and Soap Operas Can Help You Increase Customer Engagement
[27:23] The adoption rate with PSAPS (They love it!)
[29:13] Use cases and stories of 911inform saving lives.
[34:51] The story behind the 911inform idea and it's development
[37:17] About Ivo Allen and Hunter Technologies.
[41:18] The 911inform mission: a single pane of glass.
[45:07] How to connect with Ivo Allen and 911inform.

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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