Deploying a video evidence solution for your law enforcement agency or private security company doesn't have to be an expensive venture that leaves you locked into long-term contracts and proprietary hardware. In this episode we'll talk to Alex Popof with Visual Labs and learn how they are turning the industry on its heels with a complete ecosystem for body worn cameras, dash cameras, and an interview room solution all based on mobile technology.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Visual Labs platform allows you to leverage mobile technology to create a complete video evidence system: Because the Visual Labs platform leverages mobile device technology rather than proprietary hardware, the system is scalable beyond just body cameras, with systems in place to use the platform for dash cameras, an interview room recording system, and whatever else you might imagine.
  • Because Visual Labs is focused on being a software company, rather than a hardware provider, you get access to a feature-rich system that has capabilities far beyond comparable competitors: Built into the system are advanced capabilities such as real-time geo-location, heat maps, route maps, and more. You can even leverage their geo-fencing capabilities in order to create interactive graphic reports for time spent, routes taken, and hotspots in designated areas such as contract towns, school zones, high crime zones, etc.
  • It is far more costly to store your footage on your own in-house server than it is to utilize a cloud storage solution: The costs associated with ongoing maintenance and security of your own server will far exceed the cost of hosting your video on Visual Labs' cloud server, and you'll get far better security.
  • Visual Labs' Automatic Activations provide a balance between human input and real-world automation: Preference is always placed on manual activation by the officer utilizing the device, however, in certain situations Automatic Activations such as lightbar triggers, speed triggers, holster draw triggers, and officer in distress triggers can ensure you capture critical video evidence when stress levels are high.

Chapter Markers:

  • 00:01:42 The body worn camera company that doesn't manufacture body cameras
  • 00:06:29 How I met Alex and became convinced that the Visual Labs platform was the future of BWC technology
  • 00:11:03 Why you need a take-home solution for your officers
  • 00:13:13 How I used geofencing to provide visual coverage reports to our contract towns and communities
  • 00:19:41 My experience with Visual Labs and their customer service
  • 00:22:06 How private security is leveraging the Visual Labs platform
  • 00:25:27 An easy to deploy dash camera solution that connects to your body camera and other triggers
  • 00:27:11 Integrated redaction solution for easy compliance with records requests
  • 00:29:00 Leveraging the rapid advancement of camera technology with smartphones versus proprietary hardware
  • 00:31:30 The advantage of automatic triggers (light bar trigger, speed trigger, holster trigger, etc.)
  • 00:38:16 Using the Visual Labs system for a cost effective interview room recording system
  • 00:42:08 Using Visual Labs BWC's in a corrections environment
  • 00:44:12 Visual Labs doesn't hold your footage for ransom like other BWC companies on the market
  • 00:48:37 How the idea for Visual Labs was born
  • 00:55:22 What's coming in the future for Visual Labs
  • 00:56:54 The future of BWC technology is an all-in-one solution
  • 00:59:05 How to connect with Alex and Visual Labs

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