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Video Marketing with John Wojtasek of Lux Lab Production House

John Wojtasek

Hi! I'm John, a Filmmaker & Storyteller at Lux Lab Production House.

Having fallen in love with movies at a young age, I strive to harness “movie magic” to create video marketing that helps your brand be seen, known, and trusted. So you can serve more and more people with your life-changing solutions.

In this episode

[00:40] Welcome to episode 47!
[01:32] Why video is an important piece of your marketing strategy.
[02:28] Video helps create a more human connection.
[04:40] Having video on your website will increase the amount of time visitors stick around.
[05:17] Great ways to leverage video on your website.
[11:16] Places and platforms other than your website where you could leverage video.
[14:48] You can start by keeping it simple and focusing on specific platforms.
[17:33] The importance of sharing video natively within the platform and not just links to a video.
[19:32] Business Brief 16: Learning How to Say No
[21:23] Some solid tips for producing your own videos!
[28:14] Head to John's website at for a video for even more tips and advice.
[28:41] How John got started in video and film production.
[32:23] How you can connect with John and Lux Lab!

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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