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Amanda Lewis

Amanda Lewis has nearly 15 years of experience providing key strategic, research, and analytical critical information projects to executive leaders, operational planners, and tactical operators in the Navy, Coast Guard, and state and federal law enforcement. In 2020, she embarked on a new journey and successfully transitioned into the private sector, where she now works as an investigator for a major tech company. There she remains a passionate and empathetic leader, shepherding her peers through the difficulties of starting a new job in the middle of a pandemic. She believes strongly in matching design with content, understanding customer needs, and in expertly tailoring those products to meet those needs in a consumable way, whether the customers are board directors, collaborative partners, hiring managers, or anyone in between.

In this episode

[01:32] Welcome to episode 45!
[03:28] How Amanda takes your law enforcement experiences and translates the into a killer resume.
[05:29] The first step is understanding the need is within the job description.
[06:10] Leadership and coaching skills are highly transferrable.
[06:45] The lens through which you view your experience is going to vary based on the needs.
[11:43] Law enforcement professionals have an extremely diverse set of skills.
[12:50] We tell ourselves a story about who we are, and we can change that story.
[15:17] Cops have leadership skills that will help them in entrepreneurship.
[17:31] Business Brief 15: Replace Perfectionism with Dedication
[19:29] The ability to juggle tasks and prioritize quickly are other strong skills cops have.
[22:58] New course to help cops transition from the public sector to the private sector!
[30:35] Believe in yourself. You can make the transition if you want and there are lots of resources out there.
[33:59] How to connect with Amanda!

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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