If you're like most COPreneurs, you struggle with sales. The word “sales” seems like a dirty word that conjures up thoughts of sleazy mattress salesman commercials on TV.

But selling doesn't have to feel slimy. In this episode, Mickeli Bedore from Closers Media will share with us some tips, tricks and tactics to make selling feel more natural.

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About Mickeli Bedore

I'm a small town, C degree, ADHD, dreamer who was told he better learn how to swing a hammer or life was going to be rough.

That was all the fuel I needed.

Since I was 18, I've taken that doubt and turned it into the fuel required to perform in the top 1-3% at some of the largest sales organizations in the world, living all over this incredible country.

It was the push I needed to launch my first company and more after that.

It ignited the drive necessary to be financially independent before my 40th birthday, being able to “retire” from places, projects and things that don't excite me.

Today, I choose to serve those who have the same drive I did. Business owners who have all the intangibles but need help with revenue growth, getting acquired, and how to intelligently invest.

Life is short, opportunities are everywhere, and we only get one shot, so take it.

If you are reading this and feel like I'm talking directly to you, let's connect.

Till then, cheers to your success~

Web/Social Links

Website: https://closersmedia.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mickelibedore/


[00:50] Welcome back to episode 59!
[01:30] What Closers Media is all about! Conversion to close sales techniques.
[06:05] Pocket Prospecting, a more humanized outreach approach.
[07:10] How to determine a good prospect versus a bad prospect.
[08:13] Sales strategies that work, create that pocket around what you are familiar with.
[13:11] Focus on your prospect feeling that they are heard and comfortable.
[17:31] Real value impact is putting together your description of how you will help your customer.
[20:36] Prescribe your solution to your customers problems.
[27:12] Don't be afraid to just start!
[31:26] Focus on staying in your lane.
[32:37] Just take action and do it!
[33:40] How to connect with Mickeli!

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