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Patrick Fitzgibbons

Patrick Fitzgibbons is a retired law enforcement officer with approximately 23 years of experience. Patrick holds an MBA in business and an MA in organizational leadership, and is a lifelong learner. Patrick is a part-time professor in higher education, and is dedicated in coaching and mentoring the next generation of law enforcement professionals.

Patrick enjoys spending time with his wife Jennifer and their children, outdoor activities and of course, being the host of CJEvolution.

In this episode

[01:33] Welcome to episode 33!
[04:20] How do we move forward from the Floyd and Chauvin incident in a positive way?
[07:15] Communication is key.
[09:04] The majority of people do support law enforcement.
[11:25] Limit your news intake to help avoid the divisiveness.
[13:06] The path forward and possible solutions.
[15:50] Is the verdict a good thing or bad thing?
[23:25] Business Brief: Cops Are Uniquely Suited to be Entrepreneurs
[25:32] Has the current environment caused more cops to transition?
[28:06] Have a plan if you are thinking about transitioning.
[31:23] Take the first step and cops have a very broad set of skills.
[34:27] Action is the antidote to fear.
[35:43] Take care of body and surround yourself with the right people.
[41:58] How Patrick is helping law enforcement officers.
[44:00] An explanation of the EVOLVE acronym.
[45:35] How people can connect with Patrick.

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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