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Scot Walker

Scot Walker leads the risk management advisory and investigations practice for Sentinel Resource Group and Mantle Advisors (an SRG company). He coordinates a wide array of risk, assessment, and investigative activities for their corporate, family office, and UHNW clients.

Scot is a retired federal special agent and veteran, having served with both the US Coast Guard and US Air Force Office of Special Investigations. Following his law enforcement and military career, he held management posts overseeing global investigations at NVIDIA and risk investigations at Facebook prior to joining SRG and Mantle.

In this episode

Transitioning from LE to the private sector
You don't need an MBA!
The world economy needs resilient leaders
There's no better time to be a copreneur
How the post-WWII era can give us a glimpse into the near future
Don't go it alone
Marketing Minute Chapter 7
Employing a new mindset
The power of mentorship
Scot's transition from LE
How to connect with Scot
Scot's closing thoughts

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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