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MotorCop Mindset with Jason Hoschouer

Jason Hoschouer

Jason is a 22-year veteran of law enforcement, recently retired. He is better known on the interwebs as “MotorCop”. He spent 13 years assigned to the traffic unit where he excelled at all the things you'd expect a motor officer to excel. He co-hosts the What's Your Emergency Podcast, is a POST-certified Master Instructor, and a Dave Ramsey trained financial coach.

In this episode

[01:43] Welcome to Episode 41!
[13:01] Jason aka MotorCop as a Copreneuer.
[14:14] Getting out of 77k of debt in 28 months.
[20:00] Being debt free for over a decade has provided freedom with no overtime required.
[21:43] Money doesn't just go places, you have to tell it where to go.
[26:17] Business Brief 11: Qualifying Leads
[28:17] The MotorCop story.
[34:43] The MotorCop Mindset helps cops overcome personal finance challenges.
[40:35] Jason's top three foundational principles to leading a debt-free life.
[44:30] If money issues were less “”taboo”” and talked about more openly there would be fewer problems.
[47:32] Jason's big takeaways from the LEO2CEO community.
[53:55] Adam and Jason reveal their favorite style of beer.
[54:48] Jason tells us why he was called “”Flo”” by other Motors.
[56:09] How to connect with MotorCop!

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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