Ever wished you could have a live feed of a scene before you arrived? Fritz Reber, co-founder of the Drones as First Responders program at the Chula Vista Police Department and now Head of Public Safety Integration at Skydio, details exactly how drone technology is being used to do just that and more as Skydio advances the future of public safety through the integration of artificial intelligence.

In This Episode

00:04:12 – Drones as First Responders
00:10:26 – Expanding DFR nationwide
00:12:40 – Pairing DFR with Live 911
00:14:43 – Analyzing geographic coverage
00:19:19 – The genesis of DFR
00:26:39 – The power of automation
00:34:51 – Expanding DFR through visual line of sight waivers
00:37:18 – Using AI to power Skydio drones
00:45:20 – Fritz’s motivation for pushing the limits of drone tech
00:48:33 – How to connect with Fritz and Skydio

Key Takeaways

Drone technology for public safety is about to enter a renaissance period – This fact has become apparent over the last 3 episodes of our drone series. Drones are far under-utilized and (near) future capabilities far exceed what most of us have considered up to this point.

A couple drones can cover a small city – There are several things to consider when determining how to cover your geographic area, however, Chula Vista is covering approximately 30% of their city and 70% of their call for service area with only 2 drones.

Skydio is quickly becoming the gold standard for public safety drone tech – Skydio is focused on the advancement of drone automation with Skydio Autonomy™ – the result of a decade of R&D at the cutting edge of artificial intelligence, computer vision, and robotics. With this advanced technology, the new Skydio 2 has the capability of flying autonomously from docking stations throughout your city.

Resources discussed on the show

About Fritz Reber

Fritz Reber is the Head of Public Safety Integration at Skydio. He works closely with public safety agencies to help them utilize Skydio in their operations while providing product development feedback that helps Skydio provide the tools and capabilities critical to first responders.

Prior to his career at Skydio, Fritz was a Police Captain with Chula Vista PD, and retired after 27 years in May of 2018. He was their UAS Team Commander and was the visionary behind Drone as First Responder (DFR) Operations. He authored the DFR Concept of Operations for the FAA IPP submission, and co-authored the safety case for the CVPD BVLOS waiver as well as the recent Tactical BVLOS.

He is the visionary and co-inventor of Live911, a revolutionary technology that reduces response times and provides better data to first responders by streaming 911 audio in real time to field units. He remains a part of the San Diego City IPP Team, is a Technical Expert for Droneresponders, and he continues to work closely with Chula Vista PD on their DFR Program and their effort to fully integrate Skydio 2’s into their everyday patrol operations.

Connect with Fritz and Skydio

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