How many cops have had a terrible cup of coffee? I know I had more than my fair share. Today I'm chatting with Dan Spencer of Filthy Pirate Coffee. Dan is a four-year Marine veteran and a 20-year law enforcement veteran of the Tucson, Arizona Police Department.

Dan not only started his coffee company to provide cops and first responders with a darn good cup of coffee (finally!) he gives generously back to the public safety community in a variety of ways. Listen to this episode where Dan and I talk about some of our favorite things: coffee, cops, and business. We swap a few stories and Dan shares some of his challenges and the hurdles he has overcome to build his successful post-law enforcement business.

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Dan Spencer of Filthy Pirate Coffee grew up in Ohio.  He served 4 years in the Marine Corps and then 20 years with the Tucson PD. During his career in law enforcement, Dan worked SWAT, was a supervisor, and a firearms and use of force trainer. He also worked undercover several times. His love for a good cup of coffee and a desire to give back to the public safety community inspired Dan to launch Filthy Pirate Coffee and the Talking Filthy Podcast.

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[00:49] Welcome to episode 50!
[02:06] Dan's inspiration to start his coffee business.
[03:54] Dan's mission is more than just keeping cops caffeinated, it's also about giving back.
[05:42] How does a cop with no experience start a coffee company?
[07:33] Filthy Pirate Coffee started as a side gig, but Dan had to decide to jump ship and go all in, how do you know when?
[10:13] Why Dan thought out of the box and started a business that was not related to law enforcement.
[15:58] Mental health for public safety professionals is a focus of Filthy Pirate Coffee's, and they give back in several ways.
[22:50] Business Brief 17: Why You Need A Lead Generator
[25:33] Dan's biggest tip when starting your business: fire yourself (at the 47k jobs you're doing) and hire a professional.
[27:05] Be reluctant to hire friends and family.
[29:26] Be prepared to work hard when starting a business.
[33:42] Don't wait until retirement to start thinking about your post-law enforcement career!
[36:12] How to connect with Dan and Filthy Pirate Coffee.
[37:55] Get a discount on Filthy Pirate Coffee with the code revealed here!

Resources Discussed/Links – A resource for cops who want to start their own business. – FREE GUIDE: Discover ways to generate leads using things that you're already doing.

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