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Tom Wheelhouse

Tom Wheelhouse is a coach, practical optimist and the founder of Mightify.

Having studied in the UK and France, Tom joined the Metropolitan Police in 2009 and worked across South London, the 2012 Olympics and the Territorial Support Group. These roles took their toll and finding support lacking, Tom made the transition to the private sector to work in business development and digital transformation. In 2015, Tom resolved to go back and improve the way people in crucial frontline services are supported and Mightify was born.

Tom's writing and ideas are featured regularly in policing journals, podcasts and panels on issues around career change, mental health, wellbeing, talent management and much more. He is proud to be a member of the National Police Suicide Prevention Group in the UK and has worked with first responders around the world. He was a finalist in “”The Pitch”” business start-up competition, where he was commended for the “”purpose-driven”” nature of Mightify.

In this episode

[00:40] Welcome to episode 48!
[01:48] Mightify – How it came to be and what they are doing.
[04:22] The similarities between US and UK law enforcement.
[05:29] The mindset that this is the only thing we can do often presents a barrier.
[07:16] How secure is your job?
[08:35] The barriers for entry into doing your own thing are much lower than often perceived.
[09:41] How could agency administrators help support transition or development?
[14:52] As in the military it would be a positive thing to rotate in and out to decompress.
[16:42] Is this where you are supposed to be? The eulogy exercise.
[20:07] Regular checks using the right questions would help morale and motivation.
[21:52] Attracting the right kind of people and empowering them to be themselves would boost recruitment.
[22:31] Tom's take on the biggest challenges that keep people stuck.
[26:31] Cops and first responders often don't give themselves credit for their wealth of skills.
[30:53] There's nothing out there stopping you from becoming who you want to be.
[32:58] How to connect with Tom Wheelhouse!

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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