We train in silos far too often in the Public Safety profession. Real world incidents require real-time collaboration between law enforcement, corrections, fire, EMS, and emergency management. So why don’t we train that way? In this episode, we’ll talk about the importance of cross-discipline training, a problem that is being solved by Bill Fogarty and his team at 21 CLETS.

As a very special bonus, Bill and I talk about his journey from cop to entrepreneur and lay out 7 Foundational Principles for Starting Your Own Business Post-Law Enforcement.

Key Takeaways

21st Century Public Safety requires 21st Century training concepts – We’ve talked about this before on the show, so it should be no surprise. Law Enforcement is steeped in tradition, which is an excellent thing. However, this emphasis on tradition often has us employing training concepts and tactics that are outdated. 21 CLETS – which stands for 21st Century Communications, Law Enforcement & Corrections, Emergency Management, Fire & Life Safety, Training Solutions – is focused on changing this and updating our training concepts to 21st Century.

Training in silos sets us up for false expectations – When we neglect to train with our other Public Safety counterparts, we create false expectations for what we believe they are going to do when they show up on our scene. Worse yet, we create the false expectation that they know what we’re doing and why we’re doing it. Ultimately this just creates chaos and frustration leading to more significant gaps in our ability to be successful together.

We must train to survive and thrive – Our brains are always trying to do these 2 things and filter out everything else. When our brains are forced to filter out too much information that doesn’t help us survive or thrive, we burn brain calories. Eventually, if there’s too much useless information, our brain just tunes out completely. Ensure that the training you conduct is not filled with useless information that causes an officer’s brains to burn too many calories and tune out.

Bill’s 7 Foundational Principles for Starting Your Own Business Post- Law Enforcement:

  1. Have an idea – Don’t give up
  2. Be fluid and flexible
  3. Surround yourself with people that will tell you you’re wrong
  4. Check your ego at the door
  5. Bullet-proof yourself
  6. Get an understanding of the business world and how it operates
  7. Find the money to do it right (INVEST in doing it right)

I found this list to be so incredible that I put together a pdf where I expound on Bill’s 7 principles with my own thoughts as a former law enforcement officer who started a successful business as a Marketing Strategist helping companies grow their revenue. Download the pdf below!

Resources discussed on the show

  • Marques Ogden – Inspiration ex-football player and entrepreneur

About Bill Fogarty

William Fogarty's law enforcement career began over 20 years ago while working for the Millbrae Police Department. He has worked for several different law enforcement agencies including the Millbrae Police Department, the University of San Francisco Public Safety Department, the San Bruno Police Department, and is currently a Lieutenant with a Northern California Sheriff's Department.

He began as an instructor in 1996 at the University of San Francisco. He continued teaching at the basic police academy beginning in 2003 covering a wide variety of topics. He has also been an instructor for the University of Phoenix, Union Institute, Training for Safety, and South Bay Regional Training Consortium. While working at South Bay Regional Training Center, he has been an instructor for Management Class-Social Media, Report Writing (40 hour class, and 8 hour updates), and POST Academy Instructor Certification Course (AICC).

He founded 21 CLETS, LLC to bring together different public safety disciplines together in the classroom and as instructors. Long ago he found training to be in silos with cops training with cops, and dispatchers training with dispatchers. He also found a lack of inclusion of female instructors. He decided to change that by founding a company that honors the experience of the students, brings together instructors from Communications, Law Enforcement, Emergency Management, Fire, and Corrections together to present a training that is current and relevant!

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