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Alex Taits of FusionFlight

Alex Taits

Alex Taits has established FusionFlight in 2016 to push frontiers of autonomous medical delivery with the construction of an innovative, high-speed VTOL Jet-Drone: JetQuad. Alex has begun his career in Mechanical Engineering performing structural analysis for rocket engine and nuclear reactor components. Alex holds a Master's in Mechanical Engineering from USC and is self-taught in the areas of Control Systems, Software, and Electrical Engineering. Over the years, he has worked in a diverse set of industries including military jet propulsion, semiconductors, robotics and micro-satellites.

In this episode

[01:27] Welcome to Episode 42!
[03:20] Alex breaks down the jet-powered drone concept and its benefits.
[06:43] 250 mph speeds and potentially even faster!
[08:04] Alex describes the size and weight of the drone which is small enough for a single person to carry.
[09:56] Current model has built-in pre-programmed waypoint navigation technology.
[11:22] How much does one of the bad boys cost?
[14:06] Business Brief 12: Is Your Mindset Holding You Back?
[16:24] Applications of the jet-powered drone for law enforcement.
[17:58] Could this become a replacement for a patrol car some day?
[19:37] Where did the idea for a jet-powered drone come from?
[21:41] The future of jet-powered drones.
[25:47] How to connect with Alex Taits and Fusion Flight!

Resources discussed on the show

  • LEO2CEO – A resource for cops who want to start their own business.
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