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Adam Wills

I help companies who are marketing products and services related to law enforcement or military, or are in the hunting & fishing, dignitary security, private security, and private investigations industries.

As a former 15-year law enforcement veteran, deputized US Marshal, law enforcement administrator, lover of hunting and fishing, and enthusiast of all things tactical, I know how to speak yours and your customer's language.

In this episode

[00:40] Welcome to episode 46!
[05:11] The top ten things on your website that may be hurting your conversions.
[05:50] 10. No SSL certificate.
[10:06] 9. Not mobile optimized or responsive.
[15:14] 8. Unclear content above the fold.
[20:02] 7. Your menu is cluttered and confusing.
[23:40] 6. Delivering an inbound message to an outbound visitor.
[28:13] 5. A lack of social proof.
[31:26] 4. No clear call to action.
[36:24] 3. There is no simple plan.
[38:04] 2. You are making it about you instead of your customer.
[39:55] 1. You are lacking a lead generator or sales funnel.
[45:54] Get a free website audit from Adam!

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