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The Changing Landscape of Digital Currency

Today we have a return guest on the show. In fact, Robert Whitaker was my guest for the very first episode. A lot has changed in the world of digital currency over the last nine months since Robert was on the show, he revisits us today to talk about where the industry is heading and what you need to be aware of as an investigator.

You’ll also get to learn more about Robert’s own copreneur journey, as he shares some of his most valuable lessons transitioning from law enforcement into running a successful business. If you haven’t already listened to my first interview with Robert, I highly suggest you go back and take a listen.

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Eugene Liscio and 3D forensics on the Public Safety Innovators podcast

Solving Mysteries in 3D Isn’t Just for Star Trek Anymore

3D forensics next generation technology for the purpose of crime scene analysis and investigation is powerful. And three-dimensional virtual reality crime scene reconstruction is poised to change the future of criminal investigations.

Eugene Liscio is a registered professional engineer in the province of Ontario, Canada, and is the owner of ai23d a consulting company that specializes in 3D forensic documentation analysis and visualizations. Eugene has testified in court in both the U.S. and Canada, utilizing 3d technologies, such as photogrammetry and laser scanning, and has also provided interactive 3D crime scene reconstructions to aid juries.

Eugene shares with us how 3D crime reconstruction is being utilized, how your agency can begin to implement the technology and what he believes is in store for the near future.

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Why Are Firefighters Better Entrepreneurs Than Cops?

Drew Aversa is my guest on the show today. He is a former San Jose Firefighter who transitioned into full-time entrepreneurship after a devastating injury that was inflicted during a training incident. Drew is now a Business Consultant, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Corporate Trainer for his self-titled coaching business.

Drew and I were having a conversation one day. I pointed out to him that I don’t think I’ve ever met a firefighter that didn’t have a side-hustle and I wondered why it was that firefighters were so well primed for entrepreneurship, yet cops seem to have a mental barricade. Our conversation after that was so good, we decided to jump on and record a podcast to discuss it further. Listen in on our conversation, because I am trying to create a paradigm shift within law enforcement and hope that you too will join me in that.

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Mark Baxter of SureScan Counterfeit ID scanner technology

New Scanner Technology Helps Bust Fake IDs With Marked Accuracy

How do you know that ID isn’t a fake? In this episode, we are going to take a closer look at a new ID scanning solution that actually works for verifying identification and detecting fakes. Mark Baxter is a current cop, budding copreneur, member of the exclusive LEO2CEO community, and friend. And today, he is going to introduce you to SureScan and share some of his lessons learned so far on his copreneurial journey. If you were a budding coprenuer yourself, my hope is that this episode inspires you to pursue your idea too.

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Pat Welsh - Warrior, Servant, Leader

Mastering Warrior, Servant, Leadership

Pat Welsh is the creator of the Warrior, Servant, Leader mindset approach and has written two best-selling books on the topic. He is a decorated and well-known cop and leadership influencer and during this powerful conversation we discuss the Warrior, Servant, Leader mindset and how that relates to the current popular opinion that law enforcement need to abandon a Warrior mindset in place of a Guardian mindset. We also unpack Pat’s unique transition into law enforcement and then his subsequent Copreneur journey into the world of running an instructor business.

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How Law Enforcement Can EVOLVE in the Wake of Floyd and Chauvin

At the time of recording this episode, the verdict of the Derek Chauvin trial came out just a couple of days before. My guest, Patrick Fitzgibbons and I were chatting via LinkedIn about how the law enforcement profession can move forward after this verdict. And we decided to jump on and record a podcast episode to discuss just that. Our intention here is not to create further political dialogue about this topic, but rather to discuss a viable and healthy path forward. We also delve into a deep discussion about officers transitioning from law enforcement and how they might want to approach this if they are considering a shift.

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How Podcasting is Helping Public Safety and Entrepreneurs Connect and Build Trust with Their Communities

Audio and voice are by far the most natural interface for humans to interact. We like to speak and listen. Because we are now living in an “On Demand” world, consumers and community members want and are expecting to listen to their favorite radio shows on their schedules. This presents a tremendous opportunity to host your own show and communicate directly with your audience and community like never before seen in history. Today we chat about podcasting and how you can use it to connect with your community and build trust.

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New Real-Time Technology Connecting First Responders to Critical Infrastructure

911inform is the only notification and emergency management solution that provides police dispatch, first-responders, and key building personnel with the tools to effectively mitigate any emergency situation. Their connected building platform provides emergency response teams with the bi-directional communication and controls needed to successfully manage a crisis situation and save valuable time.

911inform can easily be implemented across a wide range of industries including hotels, malls, schools, hospitals, municipalities, and any other large public-access space. The groundbreaking system is FREE for all law enforcement agencies.

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DRONERESPONDERS: the world’s fastest growing non-profit program supporting Public Safety UAS and Drones For Good™

Throughout the U.S. and around the world you see them launching unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) into the sky during various types of emergencies and incidents. These are the DRONERESPONDERS, and their ranks are growing every day as more organizations continue to embrace UAS for public safety missions.

DRONERESPONDERS is a non-profit program created to unite these new aerial first responders, emergency managers, and search and rescue specialists under a unified organization to help learn, train, and test with one another with the ultimate objective of maximizing drone operations for public safety. There is no cost to join, and as a member, you will have access to DRONERESPONDERS research and information to help make your unmanned aviation operation more successful.

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Lauren Rich and transitioning out of law enforcement or military careers.

Reinventing Therapy [3]: What to Anticipate When Transitioning out of Law Enforcement

What do you do when you realize that veterans aren’t getting the care they deserve? Lauren Rich left the VA after 7 years of seeing bureaucratic red tape keep vets from getting the mental health treatment they deserved. What she created was a completely innovative method of addressing post-combat mental health. Lauren joins the podcast again to discuss and unpack some of the many challenges law enforcement professionals and combat vets face when transitioning out of their careers and into retirement or a new career. This is part three of a powerful three-part series.