Star Wars character with sword doll

Today we are finally going to address where you and your business enter the scene in our 7 Critical Elements of an Effective Story-Based Marketing Strategy.

We previously talked about the hero (your customer) and that they have a problem to overcome. Your customer doesn’t know how to solve this problem on their own. If they did, they wouldn’t need what you have to offer.

Continuing to use movies as our reference here, we previously talked about how Luke Skywalker in Star Wars lacked confidence to become a Jedi Master. But he met Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan had been there and done that. He’d trained other Jedi’s before and could teach Luke Skywalker too.

See, your customer needs a Guide – you. Someone to show them how to overcome their problem. Someone who’s done it before and even helped others do it. If you position yourself, your company, and your products and services as the Guide, you will position yourself as the strongest character in the story. Someone that your customer seeks out for help.

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