As a copreneur, one of your most valuable assets is your background. 

When I left law enforcement to take my side hustle full-time, my first instinct was to disavow my identity as a cop. As big a proponent as I am about concealed carry, I came home on my last day, put my Glock in the safe on my dresser and left it there for several months. Every time I thought about strapping it back on, I felt like I would be putting on an old identity that I no longer had a right to possess. I failed to recognize that my background was my greatest asset.

Unfortunately, I applied this same principle to my business early on as well. When coming up with my own company’s messaging, website, and sales funnel, I was a complete hypocrite. I thought that I had to appeal to everyone and cast as wide a net as possible to ensure my success. I avoided telling people that I used to be a cop and certainly didn’t embrace my background in my business.

When I took on my first client in the public safety space, a lightbulb went off. I was able to embrace who I was. The conversations were so much easier, the messaging came naturally to me, and the client commented that no other marketing agency they had ever worked with was able to understand their product and speak to their target audience like I could.

When I embraced who I was, I instantly had more authority, credibility and value. It doesn’t matter what sort of copreneur journey you're on, and what kind of business you’re trying to start or grow – even if it has nothing to do with public safety at all. Embrace who you are, and embrace your background. People can spot when you are being genuine. Just remember – “Your vibe attracts your tribe.”

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